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Stipe Miocic gives simple explanation for weight loss prior to UFC 241 rematch with Daniel Cormier

Stipe Miocic addressed how he weighed the lightest ever in his fighting career.

One of the talking points heading into UFC 241, was both headliners weighing in a lot lighter for the heavyweight title rematch. Daniel Cormier tipped the scales at 236.5 lbs, while Stipe Miocic weighed 230.5 lbs, which is 9.5 and 12 lbs lighter than when they weighed in for the original bout back at UFC 226.

Miocic’s 230.5 lbs was also the lightest he has ever weighed in his UFC career, and pundits speculated whether this was designed for better cardio or speed against for the rematch. The heavyweight champion had a pretty straight forward explanation though.

“It’s what I weighed, honestly,” Miocic told Chael Sonnen. “I was eating a ton of food. I was drinking a ton of water. I was doing all the right things. I just lost the weight.

“I wasn’t really trying to (lose weight). I just couldn’t keep it on, honestly. It was really hot this summer, too. I was definitely sweating a lot more than I usually do.”

Cormier did note that he felt Miocic had better endurance this time around. So if the weight loss wasn’t strategic, it seems to have helped him regain his title, especially having to dig deep and come from behind to win during the latter rounds.

“I have the best coaches in the world. They put me through hell,” he said. “You’ve got to weather the storm. It’s a five round fight. It isn’t just five minutes, it’s 25 minutes.”