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Jorge Masvidal responds to Nate Diaz’s ‘West Coast gangster’ callout, says they’re ‘negotiating now’

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Jorge Masvidal responds to Nate Diaz’s callout at UFC 241, while giving a brief update on their much-awaited fight.

When Nate Diaz called him out during the Octagon interview at UFC 241 over the weekend, Jorge Masvidal was delighted. He was all smiles on camera, even with Diaz’s statements about him not being a “West Coast gangster.”

While “Gamebred” agrees with Diaz, he believes he is a gangster in his own right.

“Nate was right about one thing, I ain’t no West Coast Gangster,” Masvidal said in a recent video he uploaded on his YouTube channel. “But I’m from Miami-Dade County. I’m a dirty south goon. Damn right, I ain’t no West Coast gangster.

“And I’m ready. I’m ready to put it all on the line,” he continued. “And I’m so gangster with it, we could do it - besides the seven percent tax in Cali - I would love to do it in Cali.”

For Masvidal, the fight venue is irrelevant, as long as the deal is attractive to him. He also revealed that talks have already begun.

“My Miami peeps, don’t get mad at me if the fight is not here. I’m just gonna do what works for me,” he said.

“We’re ready for this fight, man. We’re ready,” Masvidal added. “We’re just negotiating now, and let’s give the fans a fight that they want to see. Two dogs, locked in the cage, going for the jugular.

“You know that I can get hit with a baseball bat, it don’t mean nothing. Same thing with my rival. You can hit that dude with a f—king baseball bat to the knee caps, he’s gonna keep coming. It’s a fight that the fans want, and they’re gonna get it. I’mma give it my all, I know Nate’s gonna give it his all, and let’s do it.”

Masvidal says he wants the fight for November or December. However, he immediately ruled out the NYC card, stating the Commission was “a little bit rough on the edges” based on his experience from his fight against Stephen Thompson at UFC 217 in 2017.