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Mickey Gall wants fight with ‘little dumb beast’ Mike Perry

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Mickey Gall wants to see Mike Perry backup his trash talk on Twitter.

Mickey Gall is more than willing to throw down with Mike Perry.

Gall (6-2) returned to the win column with a decision over Salim Touahri at UFC Newark earlier this month. Gall bounced back from a TKO loss to Diego Sanchez, but that L is still haunting him. The young fighter chalked up the loss to kidney failure, but Perry didn’t care.

“Making excuses about getting dominated by Diego Sanchez show Mickey Gall [is] still green,” Perry tweeted on Aug. 3. “Even if you were sick it’s up to you to get in the octagon ready and prepared. Keep workin’. Maybe you’ll catch these hands instead of the flu one day.”

Gall responded to Perry’s call-out during an interviews with Kajan Johnson and Shakiel Mahjouri on the Pull No Punches podcast prior to UFC Uruguay. “F—k Mike Perry,” Gall exclaimed. “Me and him can fight though for sure. I’d love to... He’s a little beast. He’s a little dumb beast.”

A now-healthy Gall has been lobbying for a rematch with Sanchez and he seems to think it’s more likely than not. “If they offered it to me I would take it 100 percent. I’d say it’s probably a 50-50 chance, maybe 60-40,” he revealed. “I don’t really care though. If it’s not him, give me someone else. Let me stay active, let’s keep doing my thing, let’s keep getting better.”

His current willingness to fight anyone is a stark contrast from the fighter who mapped his way through the UFC with calculated call outs of CM Punk, Sage Northcutt and Sanchez. “This is what I like to do. My original plan to be cool was to go 10-0 right to the UFC belt,” he explained. “You don’t get in this sport to be picky and choosy. You can do it to help you, but I got into this sport to fight and beat anyone.”

Perry is coming off a big decision loss to Vicente Luque that shattered his nose. The fight with Perry could happen down the line, but Gall will need to look elsewhere if he wants to stay active.

Timestamps are below for the video above.

1:21 - Life on the Jersey Shore
3:18 - Mickey Kelley MMA movie
6:17 - UFC Newark win over Salim Touahri
8:05 - Mickey Gall’s young start in the UFC
9:55 - Odds on a Diego Sanchez rematch
11:22 - Diego Sanchez’s “oil checks”
13:25 - Taking a break from social media
17:25 - Mike Perry call out
19:12 - Casting the ultimate MMA movie