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Chechen MMA fighter detained for assaulting Ukrainian politician

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The fighter was arrested after spraying tear gas and an green dye on the politician.

A Chechen MMA fighter was detained last week for attacking a Ukrainian parliament member with tear gas.

According to several reports, Ruslan Khazhmurzaev was arrested for attacking Vitaly Kupiry, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, on August 16. The fighter, who showed up in a Opel car driven by a female accomplice, allegedly sprayed the politician with tear gas before dousing him with a triarylmethane antiseptic dye called zelyonka.

The zelyonka attack is seem as a form of protest or violent assault that has become commonplace in Ukraine and across the Russian Federation. Opposition politicians have been doused with the green dye, which is exceedingly difficult to remove from the body. The green stains could take several days before they entirely fade away.

Khazhmurzaev, 23, is a Russian citizen with permanent residence in Ukraine, which he represents in MMA fights. He competes for the World Warriors Fighting Championship (WWFC), an organization based in Kyiv that hosts MMA fights.

According to the victim, the attack was ordered by Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and Head of WWFC and “Dignity of the Nation” patriotic movement Vladimir Teslya, who was freed from prison the previous day.

Ukrainian police have charged the fighter with hooliganism under Article 296 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.