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Chael Sonnen: Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic rematch ‘cost Jon Jones $8 million’

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Chael Sonnen explains how the Stipe Miocic’s knockout win over Daniel Cormier affects Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier’s knockout loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241 on Saturday bears a lot of weight, according to Chael Sonnen. Speaking during a recent episode of his “You’re Welcome” podcast, he explained how it likely affects Jon Jones and a supposed third fight against Cormier.

“That fight cost Jon Jones $8 million,” he said (transcript by “Put it that way. That’s how much it just changed the future. Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier will never even be discussed again. Let alone happen again. It will never even come up again.”

“The only way you’re gonna get Daniel back, I can all but assure you guys you are gonna get Daniel back, but let me play along. The only way you’re gonna get Daniel back now is Daniel vs. Stipe.”

According to Sonnen, a third fight between Cormier and Jones no longer makes sense, given how the previous two played out.

“One of the things that was important for most of us, if Daniel was to fight Jon again they do it at heavyweight,” Sonnen explained. “They gotta change the weight class. That’s simply just not gonna happen.

“Now Daniel has a true trilogy fight. A true one. Jon wasn’t really a trilogy fight, don’t forget. Yes it was the third fight, but a trilogy by colloquial is supposed to mean two guys fight, one guy won and the other guy won so now we go and settle it in the best two of three. That’s not what happened.”

Cormier did say that the only reason for him to take another fight is to “right the wrong” in his rematch with Miocic.