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Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis full fight video highlights from UFC 241

Watch footage from the UFC 241 co-main event.

Nate Diaz’s highly anticipated return at UFC 241 was against a fellow striker in Anthony Pettis. Both men had their moments, but Diaz outlasted Pettis and nearly got a finish as well. In the end the Stockton native got a well deserved and impressive decision in his return.

Watch highlights of the co-main event below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the event.

Round 3 - Pettis throwing inside uppercuts and this is a phone booth war to start the final frame. Head kick blocked by Diaz. A 1-2 by Diaz and Pettis appears to be gimpy. He might have hurt one of his ankles. Body shot by Diaz. Pettis now has Diaz against the fence initiating the clinch but it is short-lived. Another 1-2 by Diaz. Nate is teeing off and Pettis hurt by several Diaz knees! Pettis turns his back from this onslaught of Diaz strikes and down he goes! He’s in all sorts of trouble and Diaz could get the finish on the ground. Nate has got the back and both hooks in. Pettis reverses him with 2:40 to go. Anthony needs a finish badly. Diaz tries to threaten with a triangle choke but it’s not there. Elbow by Pettis and now he gets out of Diaz’s guard. Nate invites him back down and Anthony obliges, and gets elbowed repeatedly. Armbar attempt by Diaz but Pettis scrambles, he goes for a submission but Diaz is out of that spot and he’s back on top with under a minute to go. Nate has the back again and has both hooks again. Pettis defends the choke and reverses Diaz again but he’s lost this fight. Nate Diaz is back, everyone! 10-9 Diaz, 30-27 Diaz.