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UFC 241 video: Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero engage in wild slugfest

Watch footage from UFC 241’s Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa.

In one of the most highly anticipated bouts from UFC 241, hard hitters Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero faced off. In a battle of knockout artists, it actually went to a fight of the night quality decision. Costa won two rounds of that fun slugfest, taking a unanimous decision.

Check out highlights of the bout below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the event.

Round 3 - Costa again pressuring to start the final round. They each land jabs. Big left and an uppercut by Romero! Costa takes it. Stiff jab by Romero. Wicked body kick by Costa. Romero is being playful in there. Leg kick by Romero and a straight left. Eye poke halts things. Romero is admonished for that. The fight resumes with 3:30 to go. Costa tags Romero with a right-left combo. Romero continues to find success with that jab. Body punches by Costa. Romero with several jabs and a right hand. He goes to the body for a change. Big shots by Romero and Costa stick HIS tongue out because he’s also a mad man of violence. Body shots by Costa and Romero with the elbow. Backfist by Romero! Uppercut by Romero! Costa tells him to come forward. Romero tells him to come to him! THEY GO TO WAR! HOW ARE THEY STILL STANDING?! Elbow by Romero! Multiple uppercuts by Romero. Another backfist! Costa might be gassing! One minute left and Costa wipes blood from his face. Combination by Romero. Head kick by Costa and Romero eats it and charges forward! Fifteen seconds. Inside trip by Romero but Costa scrambles to his feet. Costa misses the spinning backfist. Romero lands an uppercut. And that’s the end of a freaking incredible fight. 10-9 Romero, 29-28 Romero.

Official result: Paulo Costa def. Yoel Romero by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)