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UFC 241 PPV results: Paulo Costa wins epic three-round war with Yoel Romero

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Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero put on a phenomenal middleweight fight on the UFC 241 main card.

A matchup of freakishly scary physical specimens took place on the UFC 241 PPV main card when the #2 ranked middleweight Yoel Romero collided with the #7 ranked Paulo Costa. The haymakers. The drops. The effort. This fight did not disappoint! The fight reached the scorecards, and Costa walked away with the unanimous decision to remain undefeated. In his post-fight interview, Costa called out the upcoming winner of title fight Robert Whittaker vs. Israel Adesanya.

Romero started exploding right away. He landed a few punches before botching a takedown. Then, Costa dropped Romero. Then, Romero dropped Costa. Then, they shared a smiled with one another. A flying knee got through the guard of Costa and Romero exploded with a few more punches. Suddenly, Costa delivered a knee directly to the cup of Romero, bring a halt to the fire-fight. The fight resumed and the meat continued to fly.

Costa continued to bring the pressure in the second round. He backed Romero up to the fence and unloaded combos. Romero rolled with a lot of the punches, but he was also falling behind on the scorecards. Costa began showing signs of fatigue and his pressure began to waiver a bit. Romero blasted and succeed in securing a last-minute takedown at the bell.

Costa went back to pressing forward behind his punches and backing Romero up to the fence. An eye poke from Romero passed the fight, allowing the fighters to charge back up. Costa got back to landing the better strikes once the bout resumed. Romero kept throwing back, landing and even drawing another smile out of the Brazilian. They began to hurt each other again. Romero tarted to rally, landing sneaky uppercuts as Costa began to fade. Costa went high with a head kick and Romero ate it without issue and pressed forward. Romero tried a late takedown again, but Costa was quick to stand back up. What a war!

Paulo Costa def. Yoel Romero by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Middleweight