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Video: Conor McGregor allegedly punches man in pub over Proper 12 whiskey spat

TMZ publishes video reported to show Conor McGregor having an altercation in a Dublin pub.

Conor McGregor is in the news for all the wrong reasons, yet again. This time it’s because of a video from the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin, which reportedly shows the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion allegedly striking a much older man.

TMZ Sports published video from the pub, in which they label McGregor approaching the bar on April 6th. That outlet claims that McGregor went to the bar to order rounds of his Proper 12 Whiskey product for pub patrons.

McGregor is seen receiving a bottle of his signature whiskey from the bartender before handing out glasses to men along the bar. One individual decides he’s not interested, though, and demonstratively places the glass away from him. McGregor is shown turning to that man and placing another glass in front of him. The man declines that glass as well, which leads to a short exchange of words.

The video published by TMZ skips forwards by around three minutes (if the hardcoded timer is to be believed). The next segment of the video shows McGregor land a punch on the side of the head of the man who refused a drink. McGregor is then rushed out of the bar by other patrons.

You can see the video of the incident below:

Reports of this incident first became public back in April. Then it was reported that local police were investigating.

The incident is not the first alleged ‘bar-fight’ involving McGregor. In 2017 Irish tabloids claimed McGregor had attacked an alleged Kinahan Cartel member in the Blackforge Inn in Dublin. McGregor was never charged with a crime in relation to that incident.

This year McGregor has had other high profile incidents involving the law. In March he was arrested in Miami, FL after he allegedly broke a phone that belonged to a man who wanted to take a picture with him. McGregor reached a settlement with that man and avoided criminal prosecution.

Also in March McGregor was the subject of a piece by The New York Times that claimed he was under investigation over an accusation of sexual assault, that was alleged to have taken place in December 2018.