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Grappling Report: Gordon Ryan in as late replacement for Jake Shields at Kinektic 1

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Remember last week when I wrote about how much of a mismatch Kinektic was? Well, things have got a lot more one-sided. Jake Shields was forced to pull-out with an injury (h/t and the BJJ Fanatics team have replaced him with the best nogi grappler in the world.

While Gordon Ryan has been out with an injury for the better part of 2019, he is still perhaps the best talent in the world and is heavily backed to win a second consecutive ADCC title. Ryan similarly filled in late notice at Quintet last year and subsequently dominated the show, submitting Josh Barnett en-route to ensuring his team took home gold.

According to team captain Craig Jones, all teams were given the same budget to assemble a team it just looks like his team spent their money wisely on ADCC stars rather than old school MMA fighters like the other teams.


DC’s brown belt debacle. Since the heavyweight champ defends his gold against Stipe Miocic it’s interesting to look back at his forgotten BJJ controversy. Back in 2013, DC was promoted straight from white belt to brown belt by Leo Vieira and it led to heavy criticism from Urijah Faber’s grappling coach.

F2W president wants to fight Vagner Rocha. In a move reminiscent of the old Tito Ortiz/Dana White planned fight, F2W’s president, Seth Daniels has called for a match against Vagner Rocha on his show. Daniels competes regularly and has a lot of respect for Rocha, but he told he’d love to test himself.

Chuck Norris buys the Machado’s a gym. Jean Jacques Machado’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan experience had lots of interesting tidbits, but none were more interesting than the story about how Chuck Norris bought the brothers their first proper gym so he wouldn’t have to drive down the I 405 anymore to make it to class.


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