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Perry congratulates Luque on UFC Montevideo win: ‘You didn’t have to do my face like that tho’

Mike Perry may have had his nose violently rearranged by Vicente Luque on Saturday night, but it doesn’t seem to have dampened his spirits at all.

Wherever Mike Perry’s fights seem to take him, they have yet to dampen his spirits. The welterweight fighting out of Orlando, FL dropped a split decition to Vicente Luque last weekend in Montevideo Uruguay. A closely contended, brutal fight that earned both men a bonus for their efforts. And got Perry a severely rearranged nose. While the loss drops ‘Platinum’ to just 6-5 over his UFC tenure, he had nothing but kind words for his opponent.

“FOTN ! It takes 2 !” Perry wrote in a message on Instagram. “Thanks for the bonus, you didn’t have to do my face like that tho sheesh. Cursed with this chin, should’ve had my guard up like you. Ko or not one significant strike can do the job. When I’m healed we’ll train so you can beat these wrestlers. Congrats @luquevicente !”

For his part, Andrei Arlovski offered Perry some sympathy for his bad nose break and the months of recovery that are going to follow.

“Great fight brother !!!” Arlovski wrote. “Welcome to the club “Safe your nose”, bro! Hey guy, if your[sic] need phone of a good plastic surgeon - call me”

Perry has been suspended for six months without contact following his injury. However, he has also reportedly already successfully undergone surgery to repair the damage—including previous fractures from past injuries. It seems unlikely that he’ll be rushing back to competition anytime soon. But hopefully, whenever he does return, it’ll be fully healed and back in top competitive form.