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UFC Uruguay highlights: Vicente Luque takes split decision over Mike Perry in great fight

Check out the highlights of Vincente Luque vs. Mike Perry, from UFC on ESPN+ 14: Shevchenko vs. Carmouche 2.

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Action-fighting welterweights Vincente Luque and Mike Perry met in Montevideo, Uruguay in the co-main of UFC on ESPN+ 14 tonight and it was the Brazilian who walked away with the W after a fairly entertaining brawl.

The two 170 lbers didn’t put on a diverse display of mixed martial arts, opting to go the rock ‘em sock ‘em robots’ route. Luque and Perry basically had a kickboxing bout for 15 minutes, with both fighter more than willing to eat a punch to serve up one of their own. The soundtrack of the fight was heavy leather thudding on skull, with bursts of whistles from a shockingly impatient Uruguayan crowd. In the third round Luque landed the most epic strike of the night, a flying knee that turned Mike Perry’s face into a caricature, flattening and disjointing his nose into a truly grotesque spectacle.

Even though Perry landed more offense throughout the fight, that incredible damage may have secured the win for Luque.

Check out Shakiel Mahjouri ’s play-by-play from the third round of Luque vs. Perry:

Round 3 - This fight could go either way. Luque immediately takes control of the Octagon. Perry throws a leg kick, Luque throws a head kick but neither land. Perry with a nice step-in knee to the body. Stiff jab from Perry. Nice leg kick by Luque. Jab by Perry. Leg kick from Luque. What else is new. A jab and a leg kick from Luque now. Multiple leg kicks by Luque. Nice left cross by Perry. The American has a high single leg but Luque fights it off. Perry has the Brazilian fighter against the cage. More big knees to the leg by Perry. The crowd boos the stalemate against the cage. Phenominal! Mike Perry just flipped the bird at the Uruguay crowd. The referee eventually separates things. A nice jab to leg kick by Luque. Huge leaping knee lands for Luque but Perry uses it to get a takedown. Luque has Perry in a guillotine. The blood is pouring from Perry’s head. Perry is trying to punch the body. Luque is literally juicing Perry’s head. Perry is throwing more and more punches at Luque’s body. Perry slips out. There is so much blood on both men. 10 seconds left. Perry starts opening up with ground-and-pound, but backs out and raises his hands to end the fight. Holy heck, Perry’s nose is badly broken! it was from Luque’s flying knee. I was about to score the round for Perry, but that nose is so badly broken.