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UFC Uruguay results: Vicente Luque mangles Mike Perry’s face in thrilling decision victory

Check out what went down in the co-main event at UFC on ESPN+ 14: Shevchenko vs. Carmouche 2.

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The co-main of UFC on ESPN+ 14: Shevchenko vs. Carmouche 2 just wrapped up and it Vincente Luque who walked away the winner after a slug-fest against Mike Perry.

The first round of this welterweight contest started with Perry landing a hard shot on Luque’s chin, but the Brazilian shook it off. Perry struck again and also landed some heavy sounding leg kicks. Luque stayed calm, though, and patiently waited for an opening.

As Luque calculated, Perry half-landed some more heavy shots. But Luque was able to counter and cut his opponent around the right eye. Luque then landed a jumping knee on Perry, but the American didn’t react to it; other than to come forwards throwing more heavy punches (which landed on Luque’s arms). At this point, blood started pouring from the left eye of Perry, too.

Towards the end of the round, Perry’s heavy shots seemed to start hurting Luque, who was bloodied around the nose, despite them being half-blocked.

Luque looked for kicks and knee to open round two. Perry just kept clubbing with overhands before rushing Luque up against the cage. There he threw some knees at Luque’s thighs, while the Brazilian tried to create space.

Once separated they traded stiff single punches to the head. Luque’s shots looked more technical, but didn’t seem any more powerful than Perry’s, which began sneaking through Luque’s defenses at an increasing rate.

Both fighters slowed down for the third, but each were still capable of thudding strikes against each other’s domes. Perry did go for a takedown, but Luque was wise to it. That did result to a period of clinch control for Perry, where he again attempted to damage the thighs of Luque with his knees.

While clinched against the fence, Perry and Luque heard it from the crowd (who didn’t seem to like much of what they saw this entire card). In response to the whistles, Perry flipped the bird to the masses. The referee separated the fighters after this.

In the open cage, Luque was able to land a flying knee that obliterated Perry’s nose. Luque then grabbed onto Perry’s neck and go for a guillotine choke. Perry hung on, despite blood pouring out of his head and onto the mat. All that blood may have helped Perry squeeze out of the position.

It was a razor thing fight, as represented by the split on the judges’ scorecards, but the Brazilian Luque was able to get the nod (maybe thanks to the absolute mess he made of Perry’s face).

Vincente Luque def. Mike Perry by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28): Welterweight