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UFC Uruguay video highlights: Shevchenko shuts out Carmouche to retain flyweight title

Check out how the main event of UFC on ESPN+ 14 turned out and who is walking out of Montevideo as the UFC women’s flyweight champion.

Valentina Shevchenko showed again why she is one of the baddest women on the planet, this time she did so by beaten Liz Carmouche to defend her UFC flyweight throne.

This was not a classic in any sense of the word. Shevchenko was never in the slightest bit of danger as she breezed past Carmouche on route to retaining her title. Carmouche spent most the fight trying to evade Shevchenko, while throwing practically no offense at her. Shevchenko showed glimpses of her sometimes terrifying striking, but those moments were few and far between (because she didn’t need them to win this fight). She took 50-45 scores from all three judges in a fight that was never close.

Check out Shakiel Mahjouri ’s play-by-play of the championship rounds of Shevchenko vs. Carmouche 2:

Round 4 - Another slow round to start. Shevchenko presses forward with a nice superman punch followed by a combination. Very slick. The two engage close. Carmouche slips and Shevchenko takes advantage of the situation. Camouche uses the rubber guard to get mission control. Shevchenko continues to press her opponent against the cage. Referee Keith Peterson stands the fighters. Wow! Carmouche comes forward and Shevchenko paints her with a spinning back fist. Carmouche drops and turtles up. She holds onto Shevchenko’s arm to prevent her from striking. Shevchenko gets the back and sinks in the rear-naked choke. She uses the position to pull Carmouche to her back and attain side control. 10-seconds left. Shevchenko seems content to hold the position. 10-9 Shevchenko. (40-36 Shevchenko)

Round 5 - Carmouche opens with leg kicks and failed body kicks. Another leg kick lands for Carmouche. Shevchenko slides away from a leg kick and lands one of her own. Shevchenko charges in with a combo but Carmouche blocks and moves away. Carmouche tries to grab Shevchenko’s leg off a push kick. Carmouche is deep on the leg but Shevchenko sprawls heavy and pries her leg away. Carmouche rolls through and gets full guard. She immediately has an overhook but the champion does a good job of keeping Carmouche flat on her back. The ref calls for more action. Shevchenko continues to grind into Carmouche but throws almost nothing. A nice elbow from Shevchenko. Carmouche tries to use the wall to get up. Shevchenko stifles her and advances to half guard. One-minute left in the round. Nice shoulder strikes from Shevchenko. Now the champ is just smacking Carmouche with open palms. 10-seconds left. Shevchenko postures up and throws hammer fists. Carmouche gets her feet in the way. Shevchenko stands up and walks away from her opponent before the round even ends. 10-9 Shevchenko (50-45 Shevchenko).