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Greg Hardy on Francis Ngannou: He has athletic ability, but he’s not an athlete

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Greg Hardy explains why he thinks Francis Ngannou isn’t an ‘athlete.”

Greg Hardy doesn’t think fellow UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou is the ‘athlete’ that many fans make him out to be.

Hardy (5-1) started off his UFC career off with a DQ loss to Allen Crowder after landing an illegal knee, but since then the disgraced former NFL player has notched up two first-round knockouts, the most recent being against Juan Adams at UFC San Antonio last month.

Talking on The Slip ‘n Dip Podcast, Hardy explained why he doesn’t be one dimensional like Ngannou, and why he feels the Cameroonian isn’t an ‘athlete’ but instead has ‘athletic ability.’

”Francis Ngannou is a fighter that has athletic ability. He’s not an athlete,” Hardy said. “Just seeing what happened to Francis with Stipe [Miocic] was a warning, but from the beginning, I always told everybody I want to be a well-rounded fighter.

“I don’t want to focus on one thing and be one-dimensional. I want to be the man. And the only way you can do that is to take over.” (Transcripton via MMA News)

Ngannou lost a one sided five-round decision to Miocic in January 2018, but since then “The Predator” has rebounded by winning three of his last four fights by first round stoppage. Hardy, 31, is not currently ranked at heavyweight, whilst Ngannou will likely receive the next title shot after Miocic rematches Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title later this month.