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UFC 239 results: Jon Jones takes split decision over Thiago Santos, retains light heavyweight title

Jon Jones won a split decision over Thiago Santos to retain his light heavyweight title in the UFC 239 main event. 

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UFC 239 is officially in the books and Jon Jones once again defended his light heavyweight belt. He did so by injuring the leg of Thiago Santos by checking a kick, and then outpointing the challenger for the remainder of the fight. Can anyone beat this man other than himself? Thus far, the answer is officially “no” but Santos was a worthy challenger.

Santos scored early with a heavy leg kick that briefly buckled Jones, but the champ recovered well, maintained his balance, and started pressing forward. Santos stuck with his leg attack, using his kicks to try and stop Jones from pushing him backwards. Starting the second round, Santos seemed to hurt his own leg when Jones checked one of his kicks. The challenger fought on, still exploding with everything he threw but it was obvious that he was hurt. Jones didn’t go in for the kill despite his injured foe, but did briefly knock down Santos with a head kick.

Jones pressed Santos in the third, dropping him with an elbow. Back on the feet, Santos continued to have issues with his leg. Then, an elbow from Jones opened up a cut on the scalp of Santos. Santos started the fourth round with aggression but that quickly fizzled. Jones continued to pick his shots and lead the dance with his injured opposition. The crowd grew a bit restless at the slow-ish pace.

Santos came out throwing flurries in the fifth and final round, but Jones was too elusive and the assault quickly fizzled. Jones slowly moved forward stomping at the leg of Santos. Despite his leg giving him fits, Santos continued to throw back in wild bursts when he could, but was unable to hurt the champ.

Jon Jones def. Thiago Santos by split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48): Light Heavyweight title