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UFC 239 results: Jan Blachowicz brutally knocks out Luke Rockhold in round 2

Jan Blachowicz knocked out Luke Rockhold in the second round on the UFC 239 PPV main card.

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The UFC 239 PPV main card was just the setting where the promotion’s #6 ranked light heavyweight Jan Blachowicz savagely knocked out former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in the second round. Blachowicz is back in the win column and successfully protected the gate to the title. Rockhold who made his move up to light heavyweight is now 0-1 in his new division.

Rockhold opened the bout with a set of head kicks to back up Blachowicz. He then shot in and tried to take down the longtime light heavyweight. The fight unfolded up against the fence until a few elbows from Blachowicz caused Rockhold to disengage. Blachowicz attacked the legs of Rockhold and then a head kick at the bell wobbled him.

After getting stung a bit early in the second round, Rockhold shot in again and shoved his opponent against the fence. The second that Blachowicz got some separation, a left hook connected that instantly slumped Rockhold. A trio of ground strikes put Rockhold out even further before the referee stopped the fight.

Jan Blachowicz def. Luke Rockhold by KO at 1:39 of round 2: Light Heavyweight