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Felicia Spencer holding head high after loss to Cris Cyborg: I know I can ‘become the champion’

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Felicia Spencer has spoken about her loss to Cris Cyborg and how it has gave her inspiration for her UFC future.

Felicia Spencer isn’t discouraged after the first loss of her professional MMA career this past weekend against Cris Cyborg at UFC 240.

Spencer (7-1) lost a hard-fought unanimous decision to Cyborg in the co-main event of UFC 240. Before that, the Canadian won her UFC debut by first-round submission to Megan Anderson in May. Talking to MMA Fighting, Spencer took inspiration from the loss to Cyborg and was happy with her performance in the fight.

“I am happy that I wasn’t finished,” Spencer said. “I just kept coming and I felt pretty good about the first round, it was a good feeling honestly going into the second round, I really thought I could push forward with it. And just knowing that feeling I had going into the second round, I really felt like I really, really could win and could find a way to make it happen.

“Just knowing how I felt in that moment gives me a lot of hope and inspiration for the future. I really know I can do it, I can become the champion.”

The 28-year-old hasn’t set a return date yet, but she certainly didn’t shy away from a potential rematch with the former featherweight champion Cyborg. That seems unlikely however as the Brazilian is not on good terms at the moment with UFC president Dana White, and if she is to fight again for the promotion, it will be probably a rematch against Amanda Nunes.

“I do feel like they’ll find me an opponent. I could fight Cris Cyborg again next, that’s fine with me, whoever it is, it’s fine. It does seem like they’re making some things happen in the division, so I’m not sure about the timeline, but not too far off, for sure.”

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