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TUF 1 alum allegedly shot with live ammunition during CBS audition

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Ultimate Fighter 1 cast member Alex Schoenauer is suing a production company after he was shot by a live bullet during an audition.

Alex Schoenauer, TUF 1

Life has changed for Alex Schoenauer since he became part of the debut season of The Ultimate Fighter in 2005. After a few more fights outside the UFC, he became a stuntman for marquee films such as “Fast Five,” and two titles from the “Transformers” series.

Schoenauer’s most recent stunt work, however, didn’t end too well for him. A report by TMZ states that the 43-year-old was allegedly shot with a live round from a gun during an audition for CBS’ “Seal Team” in September 2018, urging him to file a lawsuit against JMP Promotions.

According to the suit, Schoenauer’s audition called for him to burst through a door with a stuntwoman at the Oak Tree Gun Club in SoCal while both carrying semi-automatic assault rifles.

Problem is ... Schoenauer claims the guns were loaded with LIVE AMMO -- and when the stuntwoman fired her gun, he was blasted through the upper back!!!

Schoenauer says the bullet exited through his upper arm/shoulder

Schoenauer’s injuries were NOT life-threatening and he’s doing okay now. However, Schoenauer claims he did suffer nerve damage and range of motion loss in his left arm from the injury.

He also spoke with’s Guilherme Cruz, confirming he is still doing rehab and that he “almost died, but was super lucky.”

Schoenauer last fought in September 2009 against former WEC champion Paulo Filho. He lost via unanimous decision, ending his career with a record of 15-10.