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Nik Lentz: I’m going to do B.J. Penn a favor and ‘end his career’

Nik Lentz is intent on sending B.J. Penn to definite retirement.

In a surprising turn of events, former champion B.J. Penn was granted another fight in the UFC. The 40-year-old veteran who is currently on a seven-fight skid will face Nik Lentz in a still undetermined date and venue.

There is some history between Penn and Lentz, who once went back-and-forth on social media and interviews. On Monday’s episode of the Ariel Helwani MMA Show on ESPN, Lentz once again threw some tirades towards “The Prodigy.

”The guy hasn’t won a fight since we went to war in Iraq,” Lentz said of Penn. “It’s ridiculous. But I’m going to end his career. I’m going to do him a favor.”

Lentz went on to claim that it was Penn who made things more personal between them. He also had something to say about the Hawaiian’s troubles outside of the Octagon, which included a domestic abuse case and a brawl outside a strip club.

“He comes to my Instagram all the time, and when I don’t respond to him he goes on my wife’s Instagram to tell her to tell me to respond to him,” Lentz said.

”The guy is a whack job,” he added. “He has been allowed to be this bad person his entire life because he was good at something. That’s just how it is in America.

“If you are good at fighting, or you’re good at sports, you can catch a ball, you can be as much of a dirtbag as you want.”

UFC president Dana White said he was terrorized by Penn for a week, urging him to agree. He did, however, promised it would be B.J’s last fight, “win, lose, or draw.”

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