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UFC 240 results: Max Holloway outboxes Frankie Edgar in decision win to retain 145-pound title

Max Holloway just took a dominant decision win over Frankie Edgar to remain the featherweight champion in the UFC 240 main event.

The top of the UFC 240 billing witnessed featherweight champ Max Holloway defend his belt once again, this time by winning a unanimous decision over former lightweight king Frankie Edgar. Holloway stuffed the takedowns, dictated the range, and landed the bulk of the blows throughout. As far as what’s next, Holloway does whatever he wants, but it looks as if Alexander Volkanovski just might be next in line. Holloway has not lost in the featherweight division since his bout with Conor McGregor back in 2013.

Edgar struggled to close the distance on the longer champion to start the bout. Holloway sat back being selective with his shots and looking to snipe. A couple leg kicks scored for Edgar, and he managed to close the distance to land a few punches. By the end of the opening round, it was clear that the advantage in the punching power was held by Holloway.

Edgar came out throwing volume in the second act, but was landing at a low percentage. He landed a few low kicks, but Holloway was doing a great job of fighting long and not allowing the challenger to smother him. The champ put an exclamation point on the round by sending Edgar flying across the Octagon with a spinning back kick to the body as the bell sounded.

Holloway had to stuff a takedown to start the third round and did just that. He then kept Edgar on the outside with his jab, preventing the former lightweight champ from scoring. Holloway continued to stuff the takedown attempts from the challenger and then started teeing off. Edgar responded with a much needed takedown, but Holloway returned to his feet before the round ended.

Edgar began to land a bit on the feet in the fourth frame, but he was also getting his takedowns stuffed. The challenger was putting in some good work and having his strongest round yet, but Holloway came alive in the final minute. The champ dished out some savage punches that busted up Edgar. The final round saw more of the same. Holloway continued to fight long as Edgar struggled to land anything meaningful.

Max Holloway def. Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 48-47): Featherweight title