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BJ Penn vs. Nik Lentz verbally agreed as UFC inexplicably gives Penn another fight

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You are reading that headline correctly, unfortunately.

UFC 237: Penn v Guida Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

For some reason, B.J. Penn is getting another UFC fight.

Dana White, about six weeks after saying he “can’t do it again” when asked if Penn will fight in the UFC again, revealed to TSN’s Aaron Broensteter on Friday that Penn has verbally agreed to face Nik Lentz.

Penn (16-14-2) has lost a UFC record seven straight fights, including a decision against Clay Guida at UFC 237. The 40-year-old former lightweight and welterweight champion hasn’t won a bout since he knocked out Matt Hughes in 2010. The UFC was still on Spike when “The Prodigy” last had his hand raised in victory.

Lentz (30-10-2-1 NC) was TKO’d by Charles Oliveira at UFC Rochester in their trilogy matchup. “The Carnie” did stop Gray Maynard at UFC 229 in October and earn a grueling decision over Scott Holtzman at UFC Phoenix in February. Unlike Penn, Lentz is not completely shot to pieces.

You may remember Lentz’s insult poem targeted at Penn four years ago, to which Penn had a retort. That officially makes this a matchup between two fighters WHO REALLY DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER! BAD BLOOD!

I don’t know how anyone can make a reasonable argument for Penn still being in the UFC — I argue he shouldn’t be licensed to compete — or fighting in the first place. He has nothing left. The Guida fight couldn’t have made that any clearer, even through that stretch of seven consecutive defeats. That the UFC continues to book him is absolutely staggering and disgusting. Lentz is almost certainly going to beat him and beat him badly, and for what? Tapping into the collective nostalgia that MMA fans have for even the most faded of heroes from yesteryear? Preventing Bellator or some other promotion snapping him up to squeeze out what’s left of his name value? Whatever the case, this is absolutely disgusting matchmaking.