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Greg Hardy: Juan Adams ‘conducted himself like a child’ at UFC San Antonio

Greg Hardy speaks about what he’s learned in terms of fighting way too emotionally invested.

Emotions were running high entering UFC San Antonio, at least for heavyweight Juan Adams. The Dana White Contender Series winner had made things personal with opponent Greg Hardy, mainly for the attention the latter has been receiving.

Hardy ended up winning the fight via first-round TKO, notching his second straight UFC win. During the ESPN post-fight show with Karyn Bryant and Tyron Woodley, the “Prince of War” shared the importance of not letting emotions get the better of him.

“I had a long career as a professional athlete,” he said. “So coming into this sport with much respect as I did. I had to learn certain things, and my first lesson was with Allen Crowder. Fighting emotional is not the best way to do this business, 100 percent.

“Even with just from the point of him walking out, he conducted himself like a child,” he added. And I saw that upfront and stooping to that level would not have benefitted me, just because I am such a rookie.

“Getting into an emotional fight with someone like would’ve taken me to a place where I would’ve been very vulnerable.”

Adams already apologized for his behavior, admitting he was overrun by emotions.

As for Hardy, he plans to stay active and keep his streak alive.

“Next card, man,” Hardy responded when asked when he’d want to fight again. “I’m excited to roll. I think we talked about it last time, you guys kind of called me out for not picking my opponents, but this is the guy they wanted. This what everybody’s all ‘this is the test.’ Same result, man.

“I go back to the gym, whether it’s a short camp, short notice, long notice. And we work. I’m doing the rookie things I have to do to get better, but I’m also in camp and I’m getting used to it.”

Hardy improves to a record of 5-1, with all of his wins ending by first round TKO.