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Bottle cap challenge: Conor McGregor calls out Mayweather, Jon Jones trolls, Cung Le ups the ante

More spinning kicks, more bottles.

Seems like yesterday’s round up didn’t seem enough, and now, more stars have decided to post their respective bottle cap challenge videos. Watch some of the clips of the viral challenge below.

As shown on the previous post, Max Holloway had called out John Mayer, who then challenged Jason Statham. The action star has since completed it with ease, before passing on the challenge to the taekwondo-based UFC vet in James Moontasri.

Conor McGregor then did it while predictably promoting his Proper Twelve business, and calling out Floyd Mayweather.

UFC champion Jon Jones also posted a bottle cap video, but uhm.. yeah, just watch it.

Cung Le also took on the challenge, and the king of spinning kicks didn’t disappoint as he upped the ante by kicking multiple bottles at once.

Here’s a couple more clips from other fighters such as UFC’s Jessica Andrade and Angela Hill, URCC’s Alvin Ramirez, and GFC product Alfred Khashakyan: