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UFC Sacramento recap: Germaine de Randamie stops Aspen Ladd in 16 seconds

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Germaine de Randamie beat Aspen Ladd in a 16-second questionable stoppage in the UFC Sacramento main event.

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The UFC Sacramento main event between the company’s #1 ranked women’s bantamweight Germaine de Randamie and the #4 ranked Aspen Ladd was quick and... well, arguably an early stoppage.

GDR dropped Ladd with a clean right hand and then landed a single follow up strike before being stopped by the referee. It appeared as if Ladd was still in it and defending herself, but the fight had already been stopped 16 seconds in.

What was the highlight of the fight?

The highlight of the fight was the two punches landed by GDR that ended the fight. First it was the right hand that sat down Ladd. Second, was the solo ground strike that was the final punch of the fight. Whether you agree with the stoppage or not, GDR has some beautiful striking technique.

Where do these two go from here?

The UFC’s inaugural featherweight champ GDR is kind of in a bad spot. For one, she doesn’t have a great track record with the UFC when it comes to being a company fighter. So, don’t expect to see the promotion moving any mountains to get her a shot at the title - especially when bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes is also the featherweight queen and can next face the upcoming winner of the Cris Cyborg vs. Felicia Spencer matchup.

Speaking of Nunes, GDR already suffered a TKO loss to the current champ, even if that was back in 2013. On the upside, this is GDR’s second fight in eight months, and since it only lasted 16-seconds, then perhaps she will make an uncharacteristic quick-return to the Octagon. She already owns wins over former title challengers Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington, so her options are severely limited. She could either wait for the return of Ketlen Vieira, face someone much further down the ladder, or stay true to form and just hang out on the sidelines until the next calendar year.

Aspen Ladd didn’t even get a chance to display any tools in this fight. Considering that referee Herb Dean arguably stopped the fight prematurely, Ladd’s stock doesn’t really take much of a hit. Sure, she was dropped, but she wasn’t out and looked to be defending herself as the referee was ending it. Don’t be surprised to see her lobbying for a rematch. With GDR being in the clogged position that she’s in, a rematch isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. If moving on is her focus, then there are ample options for the young Ladd. On the menu could be Holly Holm, Rocky Pennington, or Cat Zingano... all top-ranked fighters who are also looking to rebound from a loss.

Watch now, later, or never?

Since the fight only lasted 16-seconds long, you might as well watch it now. That way, you can join the conversation and weigh in on whether or not Herb Dean is guilty of a premature stoppage. Plus, let’s not undersell how sweet that right hand from GDR was. Go watch the fight.