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Rashad Evans advises fighters not to feud against UFC: ‘It’s not something you can win’

UFC Hall-of-Famer Rashad Evans gives a piece of unsolicited advice to younger fighters who get into rifts with the UFC’s top brass.

When fighters today have their grievances with the UFC, they make sure to make their voices heard loud and clear. Colby Covington, for one, even stormed the Palms Casino in March to confront UFC president Dana White, after he was passed over for a title shot.

But for former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, this is not such a good idea.

“I’ll just tell them ‘don’t pick that bag up,’ because at the end of the day, it’s not something you can win,” Evans told MMA Fighting during the 2019 Hall-of-Fame induction last weekend. “The UFC, the promotion, Dana White, that’s the promotion. And you can’t win against the promotion.

“You’re gonna have disagreements, you’re gonna have times when you need to stand your ground,” he continued. “But at the end of the day, I think that cooler heads prevail. I think when they go into the media they make it worse by just spreading the mess, the business.

“It’s not so much having a problem, it’s just how you handle it and just not getting too into your point that you can’t see another person’s point-of-view.”

The 39-year-old Evans retired from the sport in 2018, after five consecutive losses. He was inducted into the UFC Hall-of-Fame, alongside Michael Bisping, Rich Franklin, Clay Guida, and Diego Sanchez.