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UFC 238: Joe Schilling disputes ‘criminal’ TKO verdict for Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone’s training partner and cornerman Joe Schilling was not happy about the TKO win given to Tony Ferguson at UFC 238.

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UFC 238’s lightweight fight between top contenders Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone ended in a rather anti-climactic manner. The fight was ruled as a TKO due to doctor stoppage when Cerrone was deemed unable to continue after his right eye was swollen shut from the action.

From his end, “Cowboy” already admitted his mistake when he blew his nose in the middle of entering the third round, blaming it as the cause for the stoppage and not the punch that Ferguson threw after the bell at the end of the second stanza.

“Man, I just wanted to keep fighting,” Cerrone told Joe Rogan during the Octagon interview. “I was just asking, ‘Can you just push the air back down?’ You’re right, I shouldn’t have blown my nose. I’m a veteran, I’m old school, and I should’ve known that. But I did, and I humbly couldn’t finish the fight, and I apologize.”

Cerrone’s training partner and cornerman Joe Schilling, however, was not at all happy by the TKO verdict given to “El Cucuy.” The Muay Thai fighter and Bellator middleweight aired out his grievances in a recent Instagram post.

You know what all these mma outlets saying that’s a tko can suck my f—ng d-ck. You get your nose broke 3 secs after the bell go back to the corner with your lower eye lid swollen and tell your coach f—k it

I’m giving it all next round then blow your nose and it swells up from the broken nose from a late shot and they call the other guy winner by tko. F—k you. If you get kicked in the nuts after the round is over and can’t continue you get the win? straight up fucking horse shit.

Respect to Tony it was a great fight he’s not in control of the decision but calling that a win is ridiculous calling that a win by tko is fucking criminal . Run it back I know a guy

Ferguson himself also expressed his itent to run it back with Cerrone, as he was clearly disappointed by the outcome himself.

Per UFC president Dana White, Cerrone suffered a broken orbital bone, and was immediately transported to the hospital after the fight.