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UFC 238 results: Valentina Shevchenko brutally KO’s Jessica Eye with head kick

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Valentina Shevchenko just defended her flyweight crown with a second round head kick of Jessica Eye on the UFC 238 PPV main card.

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The UFC 238 co-main event just witnessed women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko successfully defend her belt for the first time by knocking out the #1 ranked Jessica Eye with a vicious head kick in the second round.

Shevchenko opened the fight with a series of body kicks that hit their mark. She then switched gears and planted Eye on her back. Tons of top control was racked up by the champ. When Eye did scramble back to her feet, Shevchenko quickly took her right back down. Shevchenko even went hard for a last second Americana to finish the round with authority, but Eye rolled into top position as time ran out. Shevchenko started the second round with a body attack, and then BOOM!

She clipped her foe with a violent head kick that put Eye out cold before she even hit the floor. In a scary moment, Eye was down for some time, but eventually came to and appeared to be okay. Who will be next for the defending champ? In her post-fight interview, the now 17-3 Shevchenko welcomed all top-ten flyweights to dance.

Valentina Shevchenko def. Jessica Eye by KO at :26 of round 2: (W) Flyweight Title