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UFC 238 results: Horribly swollen eye leads to TKO win for Tony Ferguson over Donald Cerrone

Tony Ferguson just beat Donald Cerrone in a weird way on the UFC 238 PPV main card.

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On the UFC 238 PPV main card, the UFC’s former interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson defeated longtime UFC veteran Donald Cerrone by way of wonky doctor stoppage. Nonetheless, Ferguson is now on a twelve-fight winning streak. This busts up a three-fight winning streak for 32-UFC fight vet in Cerrone.

Ferguson opened up with a head kick that got the attention of Cerrone, and then used a lot of different angles as he pushed the pace. Cerrone allowed Ferguson to lead the dance as he looked to counter. They slugged it out for the remaining seconds of the round in a highly exciting exchange.

Ferguson got work in the second, stinging Cerrone with a jab in the opening sequence. The volume of Ferguson began to add up. He was hitting and hurting Cowboy with punches, kicks, and spinning elbows alike. Unfortunately, Ferguson landed a clean punch clearly after the bell, resulting in a hard warning. Cerrone blew his nose and his eye closed completely shut before the third round even started, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

Tony Ferguson def. Donald Cerrone by TKO at 5:00 of round 2: Lightweight