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Grappling Report: Mikey Musumeci beats Bruno Malfacine en route to IBJJF world gold

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Casual MMA fans have been gravitating towards nogi grappling over the past few years, but the gi continues to get no love. The slower paced action of the gi isn’t for everyone, but there is one young man who might be able to get more eyes on the sport.

At just 22 years-old, Mikey Musumeci has won it all and last weekend he cut down a weight class and managed to defeat one of the greatest grapplers of all-time. Bruno Malfacine is a 10-time world champ, but Musumeci was able to overcome him and win on points in the semi finals.

As impressive as Musumeci’s semi final feat was, he went one better by scoring the fastest submission in IBJJF final history in his next match. Musumeci landed a straight footlock in 12 seconds to take home the gold:

Check out the full black belt results here.


Vanman wins gold. One of the most interesting up-and-coming names in BJJ is Conner DeAngelis. Unlike most grapplers, DeAngelis packed up his life, converted a van and moved to live in Atos’ car park. DeAngelis’ pad allows him to live and train without the burden of paying rent. DeAngelis’ sacrifices paid off when he won gold at purple belt last weekend and was promoted to brown belt by Andre Galvao.

Keenan Cornelius injured Everyone’s favorite ronin had a mixed showing at the IBJJF world championships. While the wormguard master was able to beat eventual gold medalist Nicholas Mergali in the absolute division, he unfortunately suffered an injury against Leandro Lo and was forced to pull out of the tournament. It’s been a crazy year for Cornelius, let’s hope he can get back and ready for nogi season.

AJ Agazarm is back Jiu Jitsu’s most polarizing figure is set to make his MMA return after a disappointing debut. AJ came up at the wrong side of a split decision against Jesse Roberts in January, but will be looking to get on the right track against Jacob Landin on July 12th.


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