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Video: Watch and listen to BBC Radio’s epic commentary of Andy Ruiz’s win vs. Anthony Joshua

BBC Radio commentator Mike Costello: “Andy Ruiz has just thrown a grenade into the heavyweight landscape.”

It’s been four days since Andy Ruiz Jr’s incredible, unforgettable upset TKO win vs. Anthony Joshua to gain three of boxing’s four major heavyweight titles. He was an 11-to-1 underdog who came in on short notice, but defied the odds and spoiled Joshua’s United States debut in spectacular fashion.

A few days ago we showed you video of the Sky Sports broadcast team go into complete shock when Ruiz turned the tables on Joshua, recovering from his own knockdown to send the Brit to the canvas just seconds later. Well these next clips are from BBC Radio — yes, boxing is still broadcast on radio — more specifically the entirety of that stunning third round as commentated on by longtime blow-by-blow voice Mike Costello. Watch the first video at the top of the page to see and hear Costello describe all of the action for the listening audience. We also have accompanying transcription.

“A right hand from Joshua gets through. A right uppercut and a left hook and Ruiz is down for the first time in his professional career! A brilliant combination of right hand and then a left hook. The referee gets to the mandatory eight-count. Ruiz is up on his feet, but can he survive? Two minutes of the third-round now. Down for the first time in his career. Joshua takes a shot back from Ruiz! Ruiz is fighting back! Joshua lands a right hand again, another left hook and Joshua is badly shaken! He goes down! Joshua is down, second after flooring Ruiz himself! Do we have Joshua vs. Klitschko all over again? Halfway through round three! Sensational heavyweight boxing at The Garden. And Ruiz now senses a colossal upset. Joshua is on the most rubbery legs. Can he survive? A minute and 20 seconds go! Joshua is holding on desperately now! Having floored Ruiz, he got too complacent and went down himself.

“The two men now in a close-quarter clinch with a minute to go in the third-round. This could go either way and very soon! And now Ruiz opens up a four-punch combination, but they’re muffled by Joshua. Joshua tries a right hand, takes another left hook. He can’t quite time it. Joshua’s senses are completely scrambled! He draws breath. Let’s go with a huge lungful of breath does Joshua. He knows this is the most difficult time of his career so far. This is a much greater crisis than he faced against Wladimir Klitschko. Twenty-five seconds to go in round three! Joshua, close to his own corner, leans in with a jab to the body now. Ruiz, is he also getting tired after the exertions of this round? A sensational round of heavyweight boxing!

“Ruiz goes forward again and opens up! And he catches Joshua with a right hand. Joshua holds on! This could be close to the finish. Joshua goes down again! For the second time in the round, at the end of the third round! Will he rise to his feet? He’s on unsteady legs again... he rolls back! Will the referee allowed him to continue, as Jack Reiss did with Tyson Fury? The referee is allowing Joshua back. Anthony Joshua: Saved by the bell! And he is wobbly back to his corner. One of the great, great rounds in the history of heavyweight boxing, one of the great rounds we’ve seen here at Madison Square Garden.”

Now for the audio-only portion, check out the 29:46 mark in the video below for Costello’s commentary on the seventh round that shook up the entire heavyweight boxing picture.

“An exchange of left hooks. Overhand right from Ruiz. Ruiz mounts another attack! Joshua in trouble! And Joshua goes down for the third time in the contest, in the seventh round! He’s up almost immediately. The referee gets to six, and to seven, and to the mandatory eight. He has a good look at Joshua, but there are two minutes and fifteen seconds to go in round seven! Are we about to witness one of the great heavyweight upsets?

“Joshua tries a couple of left hooks. He’s still fighting back. And now Ruiz opens up — a left hook, a right hand. Joshua goes down again for the second time in the round! Joshua is looking like a beaten man! He’s listening to the count. The referee reaches the mandatory eight. Joshua spits out the gumshield, he won’t be allowed to continue without the gumshield being replaced. The referee is talking to him over in the corner. Such drama here, and absolutely everybody at ringside on their feet.

“And the referee has waved it off! We have seen one of the most sensational upsets in the history of Madison Square Garden — in the history of heavyweight boxing! Anthony Joshua has been stopped by Andy Ruiz Jr in the seventh round. All the talk of Deontay Wilder, of Tyson Fury, can be silenced. Andy Ruiz has just thrown a grenade into the heavyweight landscape!

“The boy who was bullied at school, who was laughed at at the final press conference — they will be laughing no more! Andy Ruiz Jr, on a quite unforgettable night here, becomes Mexico’s first world heavyweight champion. [He’s] taking in the celebrations, as Anthony Joshua stands disconsolate in the corner on the far side of the ring, beaten for the first time in his professional career. He is no longer the world heavyweight champion. What a night, what a fight!”

What a night, indeed.

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