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Andy Ruiz in talks for sponsorship, ‘unlimited’ Snickers, after Anthony Joshua upset

Andy Ruiz is closing in on a sponsorship deal with Snickers.

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the world when he upset Anthony Joshua this past weekend, and the portly Mexican-American dedicated his victory to all his “fat boys” that routinely get overlooked because of their appearance.

Ruiz, who has always been a talented and respectable boxer, became an overnight sensation in the mainstream media after winning the heavyweight titles. He also got a care package from Snickers, a product he’s always wanted to be involved with.

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“My dad always gave me one of these when I was a little kid so maybe that’s why I’m a little chubby, too,” Ruiz joked in an appearance on FOX.

According to his manager David Garcia, discussions are underway with the chocolate bar’s parent company, Mars, and they’re moving along trying to land the sponsorship deal.

“It would mean an unlimited source of Snickers,” Ruiz’s manager joked, while talking to The New York Post.

“The amazing this about this is it happened in the most organic way possible,” his cousin and social media manager Fredy Mendez said. He explained how Ruiz has always loved the candy bar growing up, and they came up with the idea even prior to the Joshua fight.

“After sitting there talking about [his journey], he was like go grab my Snickers and put it in ice, because that’s usually how he eats his Snickers,” he said. “He likes it to be kind of cold. So then all of a sudden the idea popped in my head and I looked at Andy and I said, “We’re gonna get you a f—g Snickers deal.” He said, ‘How we gonna do that?’ I took a picture of him holding a Snickers right before the fight. I threw it up on [his] Instagram [story] and put hashtag the secret ingredient.”

Ruiz says the deal is close, but while it has yet to be finalized, he already has big names backing this potential partnership.

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