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Nate Diaz on UFC’s new CBD sponsorship: You’re welcome, motherf—ers!

Nate Diaz spoke about the UFC’s new lucrative CBD sponsorship.

The Diaz brothers have been long known in MMA circles for being advocates of marijuana, with the younger sibling being a catalyst for USADA implementing the “the Nate Diaz rule” and removing CBD from their prohibited list. Nate “made bank” based on what was initially deemed a somewhat controversial action, and now the UFC is also earning from a recently announced lucrative CBD sponsorship.

Diaz reacted to the UFC’s five-year sponsorship deal with Aurora Cannabis.

“Did you see that CBD deal I got for the UFC? They got a huge deal,” Diaz told ESPN. “You’re welcome motherf—ers!”

The deal reportedly nets the UFC around $15 million per year, for the next five years. Diaz likes the shift in perspective, but he wants his cut.

“That’s cool, but can I get my points?” Diaz said with a laugh. “Who brought CBD to the table? Now everybody has got these CBD sponsorships. Now it’s in football, in basketball, and it’s legal. UFC is paid out. Everybody is in the cannabis movement now cause of yo boy.

“I appreciate the love from the UFC, for showing who started this gangster shit.”

Diaz also now runs his own CBD company called Game Up Nutrition.

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