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Taekwondo champion kidnapped and forced to withdraw $185,000 from company account

Three suspects have been detained and an official investigation is underway. 

Baku 2017 - 4th Islamic Solidarity Games: Day Seven Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

A Russian taekwondo champion was reportedly kidnapped and forced to withdraw 12 million rubles (approx. $185,000) from his company’s account.

Police officers detained three suspects connected to Sergey Chmul’s abduction. The culprits allegedly posed as law enforcement officers and held the taekwondo champion in captivity for a week at an unknown location.

”On May 30, Russian and European taekwondo championship winner Sergey Chmul came to the police, saying that on May 24 three police officer impersonators entered his apartment in Moscow and took him to an unknown location,” a source close to the situation told “The claimant said that these unidentified people kept him until May 30, when he signed some documents, which resulted in 12 million rubles ($185,000) stolen from his firm’s account.”

The Moscow Criminal Investigations Department within the Moscow City Police is yet to officially confirm the news or the charges filed against the detained suspects.