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UFC 239’s Ben Askren says Tom Cruise would beat ‘wimp’ Justin Bieber

“I’m going to say Tom Cruise wins. Justin Bieber seems like a wimp.”

Former ONE FC and Bellator welterweight champ turned top-five UFC contender Ben Askren has called Justin Bieber a ‘wimp’ following the pop star’s callout of Tom Cruise.

Bieber, 25, called for a fight with the Hollywood icon earlier this month but later retracted his comments and said Cruise would likely beat him.

Askren, who will take on Jorge Masvidal in a top contenders bout at UFC 239, agrees, claiming that Cruise is in phenomenal shape and holds a significant athletic advantage over 25-year-old Bieber.

“I’m going to say Tom Cruise wins. Justin Bieber seems like a wimp,” Ben Askren said in a recent interview with TMZ. “I’m gonna say Tom Cruise (wins). Like, Tom Cruise at least seems like he’s probably been through some sh*t.

“Someone told me Cruise is a great athlete, I don’t know if that’s true or false. But you’d watch it, I’d watch it. Fighting’s funny. There’s a lot of sports where if someone sucks, like in basketball, you don’t want to watch them. But there’s something about fighting that if they suck you would still watch.”

If the fight ever did come to fruition, ‘Funky’ says he would help prepare Cruise for the bout by teaching the 56-year-old how to shoot a double leg takedown.

“All I’d teach him is the double leg takedown and then he’d beat his ass,” Ben Askren said. “Little typewriter action on his face.”

Askren, 34, will take on Masvidal at UFC 239. The PPV, which features a headlining light heavyweight championship bout between Jon Jones and Thiago Santos, takes place next month, July 6 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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