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Renato Moicano on Korean Zombie fight: ‘You must rip a zombie’s head off to kill it’

Renato Moicano expects an action-packed fight against Chan Sung Jung at UFC Greenville.

Featherweight contender Renato Moicano knows you must be willing to go through a gritty, thrilling fight in order to take on someone such as Chan Sung Jung.

Always an entertainer, ‘The Korean Zombie’ is known for his wild style and finishing prowess, however, the Brazilian feels like that’s exactly what he could take advantage of when they meet at UFC Greenville’s main event.

In an interview with Combate, Moicano did explain he wants to put on a show for the fans, but ultimately believes his style is favored over his opponent’s, while also pointing out his longer, leaner frame as another plus for himself.

“My expectations are the best ones possible,” Moicano said. “It’s a good fight, we studied him a lot. We know where he is strong and where he’s weak. I’m sure it’ll be quite the spectacle for the fans. You must rip a zombie’s head off to kill it. Everyone is beatable. He’s a good opponent, but has his limitations, like we all do, we’ll look to exploit those.”

“We know he’s tough, he has many UFC wins, but I don’t think I’m a good match for him.” Renato continued. “My style will bring him problems, no matter if the fight takes place on the ground or standing up. My reach is longer, I’m bigger, I’m good on the ground, so I don’t see it. Of course I see the the danger, he’s a tough guy, but I see myself winning the fight.”

While watching tape on Jung, Moicano noticed something he thinks he could capitalize in their fight. In Chan’s last fight, against Yair Rodriguez, a last second mistake cost the ‘Korean Zombie’ a fight he was winning when he was knocked by a vicious elbow from his opponent. In Renato’s opinion, Jung’s carelessness might cost him this fight, too.

“In his last fight, he was winning against a really tough guy, he was doing really well, but he always walks forward, he’s careless, sometimes,” Moicano said. “I don’t really remember, it was a hard fight to score, but I think he was winning three rounds, maybe even four. He was clearly winning, but he still walked forward with no discipline, in the last second, in the fifth round, and got knocked out. So I think that’s what’s going to happen. He will come at me too careless, he’ll want to brawl, and that’s where we will capitalize.”

In his last outing, Renato Moicano (13-2-1) was TKO’d by former champion Jose Aldo, the loss broke a two-fight winning streak over Cub Swanson and Calvin Kattar. Now, the 30-year-old is expected to take on Chan Sung Jung at UFC Fight Night 154, in Greenville, South Carolina, on June 22.

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