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BKFC 6’s Artem Lobov says parents must be embarrassed of Paulie Malignaggi: ‘What is wrong with our son?’

“I guarantee you his own parents are watching him at home going ‘where did it all go wrong?’

Ultimate Boxxer III Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Artem Lobov — along with the rest of the MMA community — thinks Paulie Malignaggi’s behaviour ahead of BKFC 6 has been downright embarrassing.

Malignaggi, who will make his bare knuckle debut this Saturday in the BKFC 6 main event, has spat at Lobov and hurled some truly obscene insults towards his opponent.

The two went at it again at Thursday’s pre-fight press conference in Tampa, and ‘The Russian Hammer’ said Malignaggi’s parents must be questioning where things went wrong with their son after watching his disrespectful and unsportsmanlike conduct last month.

“Come on now, no one respects this guy. How could you respect this guy?” Lobov said, per MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin. “I guarantee you his own parents are watching him at home going ‘where did it all go wrong?’. Like ‘how did we not bring this guy up the right way, what is wrong with our son?’.

“There is such a thing as building a fight, that’s no problem, we’re going into fight each other. That takes certain levels of intensity that you have to have. You’re going in there to hurt the guy and he’s going to do the same to you so that’s understandable. But this guy has crossed over the line and I think anybody who has any kind of respect in them, that understands what respect is, will not be on this guy’s side.”

The two fighters will finally get to settle their beef tomorrow night, June 22, in the BKFC 6 main event at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida.

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