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Jon Jones advises young fighters: ‘No manager should ever be getting 20% of your money’

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones gives younger fighters some unsolicited advice on management.

UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2 Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Given his transgressions in the past, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn’t exactly the perfect role model for young fighters. He is, however, a veteran in the game with enough knowledge and experience to draw from to offer up some advice.

In a recent Instagram post, “Bones” took it upon himself to give his younger contemporaries some tips on dealing with managers, particularly when it comes to compensating them.

In every sport the generations that come before teach the one on the way up the game. Fighting it’s a bit different because we are individuals in this business, but it shouldn’t stop us from reaching back to light the way.

I started this thing young and had some great people help me along the way, plus having 2 brothers in the league helped me see a whole different side of things. I want to help those making their way through and I’ll start with this: No manager should ever be getting 20% of your money.

I hear about and see too many young fighters getting stuck in bad deals. Real talk a manager should make 10%, maybe 15 if they are really getting it done for you, but never should you be paying a manager more than you pay Uncle Sam. NEVER.

If all your manager does is sit in while you sign contracts then start looking for another. If they want 15% let that come on the endorsements they get you because THAT is where their focus should always be. Growing your brand.

The game has given me a lot and it’s my job to give back to it. I haven’t always had the easiest navigation but good people helped me along the way. Just trying to pay some of that Back is all. God Bless

For the large majority of his career, Jones has been managed by Miami-based firm First Round Management ran by Malki Kawa. Other notable names on their roster of fighters includes former UFC champions Tyron Woodley, Demetrious Johnson, and Anthony Pettis.

Jones is currently slated to defend the UFC light heavyweight title against Thiago Santos at UFC 239 on July 7th in Las Vegas.