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Video: Muay Thai top contender Samingdet slices Detchaiya open with a perfect elbow strike

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Check out this nasty elbow stoppage and much more from Thailand’s stadiums

In Thursday’s main event at Rajadamnern Stadium, Samingdet Nor Anuwatgym (#4 ranked Super Bantamweight at Rajadamnern, #8 at Lumpinee) took on Detchaiya Petchyindee (#8 ranked bantamweight at Rajadamnern, #6 at Lumpinee). Samingdet is a very well rounded southpaw, able to handle himself well at distance or in the clinch, but truly shines as an elbow specialist (Muay Sok). He came into the fight on an excellent 6-1-1 run and is currently establishing himself as one of the best fighters in the talent rich Super Bantamweight division.

His opponent Detchaiya is a dangerous boxer-clincher. He is 2-2 so far in 2019, but has been perfectly able to play spoiler against the best—as evidenced by his recent KO win over Super Flyweight king Rungnarai.

Samingdet controlled the early action at range against his smaller opponent, using his middle and high kicks. Detchaiya managed some clinching success early in the third, but that prompted Samingdet to bust out his elbows. Detchaiya sustained a cut on the corner of the eye and finally got sliced up and stopped by a beautiful spear elbow.

Earlier in the evening, Light Flyweight Rajadamnern champion Praewprao Muayded789 lost to Suntos Sor Saranpath in a fight that highlighted the challenges posed to pressure fighters (Muay Bouk) by the Rajadamnern scoring system. The more technical fighter, Suntos went up on the scorecards early by keeping Praewprao at bay, until the third were Praewprao applied tremendous pressure and badly hurt Suntos towards the end of the round. Praewprao was now up on the cards, however agression is not seen in Thailand as favorably as it is in western combat sports; the fighter coming forward is generally seen as the one trying to come back in the fight. Thus, Praewprao was more or less forced to fight against type in the 4th and 5th, giving Suntos the opportunity to get back into the contest and take a close decision.


Monday at Rajadamnern:

Phetmahachon Jitmuangnon (blue corner, #5 ranked lightweight at Lumpinee) beat Komawut FA.Group by close decision after a nice clinch battle.

Tuesday at Lumpinee:

Samuentep Por Phetsiri (red corner) beat Phetmuangpan Bumrungsit (blue corner) by a nasty right elbow KO in round 3.

Daorot Jitmuangnon (blue corner) beat Phonsiam Sor Phummiphat (red corner) with a beautiful and sneaky handtrap to hich kick KO in the fourth.

Wednesday at Rajadamnern:

Nongcham Suanahanpikmai (red corner) beat Singnakhon Singmawin (#6 ranked miniflyweight at Lumpinee) by second round KO. Nongcham went to work on Singnakhon’s legs from the start and stopped him in the second with a left hook to the body/right low kick combo.

Thursday at Rajadamnern:

Phetngam Kiatkamphon (red corner) beat Moradokphet Muayded 789 (#8 ranked lightweight at Rajadamnern). The contests was a closely fought kicking battle, until Phetngam badly hurt Moradokphet with low kicks late in the 4th—finally stopping him in the 5th.

Boonlong Khlongsuanphluresort (blue corner, #5 ranked superbantamweight at Rajadmnern, #4 at Lumpinee) beat Thepthaksin Sor Songsing (red corner) by decision. Boonlong hurt Theptaksin early in the third with a nice kick catch to high kick, then controlled the remainder of the fight on the way to a decision win.

Sungfah Nor.Anuwatgym (red corner, #1 ranked lightflyweight at Rajadamnern) vs Phetwanon Dabres (blue corner) by liver knee KO in the third.

Kunsuk Numpontep (red corner, #5 ranked miniflyweight at Rajadamnern) beat Rodlek Nor Anuwatgym (blue corner) by decision.

Friday at Lumpinee:

Phetrungruang Aodtukdaeng (red corner #5 ranked flyweight at Lumpinee) beat Prieow Paranchai by 3rd round stoppage. Prieow had a slight advantage with kicks, but was dominated in the clinch in the 4th until he was stopped, more due to Phetrungruang’s technical superiority than damage.

Saturday at ONE Championship:

Veteran stadium action fighter Rodlek PkSaenchai made his ONE debut and took a decision in a very entertaining fight with UK’s Liam Harrison.