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Gegard Mousasi: ‘For a long time, it was suspicious’ that T.J. Dillashaw was on PEDs

Gegard Mousasi sounds off on T.J. Dillashaw PED mess, while blasting other fighters who’ve failed their respective drug tests.

Throughout his storied MMA career, Gegard Mousasi was never embroiled in any PED-related issue. He is also known for calling out fellow fighters, even the likes of Lyoto Machida who came forward to USADA about using a banned substance.

During a recent interview with The Score, the 33-year-old fighter once again put other fighters on blast, particularly those who have been caught.

“The stupidity of fighters, knowing that they’re gonna get tested, and they still do it,” he said (transcript by “It shows how desperate they are, so it’s usually a sign that people have been abusing it before, that they don’t feel they can do it without it.”

The current Bellator middleweight champion also took a shot at T.J. Dillashaw, who is currently serving a two-year suspension due to EPO use.

“And TJ Dillashaw, for a long time it was suspicious that he did steroids,” Mousasi said. “And after USADA came, he still did it. They didn’t catch him the first two times, but eventually they caught him.

“There’s nothing to say about those guys. If you win a fight, you deserve it. It’s yours. But let’s say if you do steroids or you do some different things and you win it, then you steal something from the other guy. That’s the way I see it.

“It’s in the rules: no steroids,” he continued. “It’s the same as don’t go through a red light, don’t kill anybody, it’s a rule. And if they don’t follow it, they should be punished and not very lightly, I feel, a lot heavier.”

Dillashaw recently spoke about the said scandal, admitting he took the drug after his body crashed as he was cutting weight for his flyweight title fight against Henry Cejudo in January.

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