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The MMA Depressed-us: Giant-sized Silva edition

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, & Phil Mackenzie are back and watching the best of the worst that MMA has to offer. This week with a deep dive into the career of PRIDE and K-1 talent Giant Silva.

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It’s another rare gap in the UFC schedule this week, which means it’s another rare opportunity to punish our eyes with some god-tier bad MMA. Keeping with our recent run of shows, this week, we’re doing another deep dive into a fighter whose brief career (and short fights) might otherwise have kept him off our radar. The one and only PRIDE legend, Giant Silva.

In fact, Silva’s career was short enough that we managed to fit the whole thing in one episode. That’s every Giant Silva MMA fight, from Heath Herring to Akebono Taro, one right after another. All his bouts can be found on Fight Pass, other than the Akebono bout, which you can find right here. As always, we’ll count down to the start of each video, and Connor will do his damnedest to tell everyone when round 1 begins. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

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