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Dana White: Lorenzo Fertitta ‘absolutely’ will buy an NFL team, and ‘we’ll be in business again’

Dana White thinks it’s only a matter of time until Lorenzo Fertitta owns an NFL team, and he’s very interested in partnering with him again

Reebok and UFC Announce Long-Term Partnership Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Reebok

According to Dana White, it’s only a matter of time before Lorenzo Fertitta becomes an NFL owner. The casino mogul and former UFC owner made bank after selling the MMA promotion to Endeavor, and White says the Fertitta brothers are now looking to purchase a football team.

“He’ll be an incredible owner,” White told TMZ. “They own casinos, they’re incredible owners. They owned the UFC, they were incredible owners. They will be amazing NFL owners. He is absolutely, positively going to be an NFL owner someday.”

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White remains close friends with the billionaire former UFC owners, and thinks that they’ll eventually be working together again once their NFL dreams are realized.

“I’m very interested (in partnering with them),” he said. “I predict the Fertitta brothers will own an NFL team and me and the Fertitta brothers will be in business again someday.

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