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Video: Kumandoi brutally KOs Rajadamnern Muay Thai champion

Check out this spectacular KO from Thailand.

Phetsupan Por Daorungruang isn’t particularly athletically gifted compared to some of the fighters that populate the rankings of the two major Muay Thai stadiums—Rajadamnern & Lumpinee. He doesn’t have the speed of some of the top kickers (Muay Tae), the power of the best pressure fighters (Muay Bouk), or the length and strength needed to be a dominant clincher (Muay Pam). What he does have, however, is one of the deepest bags of tricks in Muay Thai—and the brains to figure out how to apply them against almost anybody.

His varied set ups, feints, well timed footsweeps, and excellent fight IQ have allowed him to conquer the Rajadamnern superflyweight belt and carried him to an excellent 11-3 record in 2018 and 2019. He was riding a six fight win streak capped off by a close win over Rajadamnern Phetsommai Sor Sommai going into his Thursday fight. Unfortunately, subtle versatility doesn’t always pay off.

His opponent, Kumandoi Phetjaroenvit, was a familiar foe. The pair have met three times before, with Phetsupan going 2-1 across those matches.

Unlike the champion, Kumandoi’s style isn’t likely to be described at subtle. Quick and powerful, his plan is simple: If he’s ahead, he’ll kick you as hard as he can. And if he’s behind, he’ll come after you and try to kick and punch you as hard as he can. His approach doesn’t yield the most consistent results – he’s 6-5-1 in 2018/2019 – but it makes him dangerous for anybody. And a 4-1 run – with 2 big stoppages – in his last 5, led him to the 2nd spot in the bantamweight rankings in both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee.

Their fourth fight was over before it really began. Early in the second round, Kumandoi staggered Phetsupan with a right hand, immediately following it with a left high kick that knocked the stumbling Phetsupan out cold. An excellent win for Kumandoi, confirming his solid recent form. Phetsupan will remain champion, since the fight was contested at a 116 pounds catchweight. But, it’s a very tough loss—bringing an excellent run to a halt.

Elsewhere on the, as usual, rather stacked Thursday card: 16 year old Kongchai Chanaidonmuang (#5 Ranked flyweight at Rajadamnern, #2 at Lumpinee) put in a great performance, dominating and knocking out Fahlun Por Phetkaikaew (#5 ranked lightflyweight at Rajadamnern, #3 at Lumpinee) with a beautiful high kick.

Gingsanglek Tor Laksong, one of the best technicians in Thailand, dominated the early rounds of his fight against Apiwat (#5 ranked featherweight at Raja). But, tremendous pressure from Apiwat starting in the 4th brought him back in the fight and got him the win. A nice comeback and one of the most enjoyable fights of the week.

In the night’s main event, the technically brilliant but sometimes frustrating Kompatak Sinbee Muaythai (#2 ranked super bantamweight at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee) dominated Suriyanlek PorYenying (#1 at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee)—mostly with his lighting quick lead leg. To the point that Suriyanlek conceded defeat at the start of the fifth round. A second great performance in a row for Kompatak, leaving me very interested in a match up with Rajadamnern champion Kongthoranee Sor Sommai.

Other notable results

Tuesday at Lumpinee:

Ponek Aor.Kwanmuang (red corner, #2 ranked welterweight at Rajadamnern, #2 at Lumpinee) beat Rungnapha Pinsinchai (blue corner) by decision

Thongchai Phetrungruang (red corner) beat Yodchai Yokkaosenchai (blue corner, #10 ranked lightweight at Lumpinee) by fifth round KO (left hook)

Wednesday Rajadamnern:

Sayanlek Sor.Salasip (red corner, #9 ranked lightflyweight at Rajadamnern, #4 at Lumpinee) vs Phetanuwat Nor.Anuwatgym (blue corner, #4 at Rajadamnern, #2 at Lumpinee)

Sayanlek hurt Phetanuwat with a boxing combo early in the third, who never seemed to recover and went through the motions en route to a decision loss.

Kaito Wor.Wanchai (red corner, #4 ranked superflyweight at Rajadamnern) vs Kaomongkol Petchyindee Academy (blue corner)

Japanese fighter Kaito got thoroughly out-clinched by Kaomongkol.

Thursday at Rajadamnern :

Hanpon Kor.Suwantas (blue corner) beat Sanphet Sor.Salasip (red corner, #9 ranked featherweight at Rajadamnern) by decision

Teplikit Sit Aor.Chao (red corner, #3 ranked miniflyweight at Rajadamnern) beat Krungthai Teeded 99 (blue corner) by decision

Friday at Lumpinee:

Kaipa 13 Rianresort (red corner, #9 ranked bantamweight Raja) beat Jomtong Sakvichian (blue corner) by second round KO (right hand)

Rungnarai Mor.Rattanabandit (blue corner, Lumpinee superflyweight champion, #3 at Rajadamnern) beat Desellek Wor.Wanchai (red corner, #1 bantamweight at Rajadamnern, #7 at Lumpinee) by decision.

Superflyweight king Rungnarai continues to rebound from a surprise KO defeat suffered at bantamweight in march with a second trip to the division, where he quite easily dispatched #1 Raja Bantamweight Desellek.

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