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Cris Cyborg on impending free agency: ‘Let’s see what another promoter has to say’

Cris Cyborg wants to find out what her value is on the open market.

UFC 222: Cyborg v Kunitskaya Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Since Cris Cyborg finally made her way into the UFC, it’s fair to say that she’s had a pretty contentious relationship with the organization. There has been a lot of back and forth about how the UFC has treated the former women’s featherweight champ, and she has made no secret of the fact that she hasn’t always been happy there.

So now, with one fight left on her contract and a bout set with Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, Cyborg sees some light at the end of the tunnel. That light is free agency, and she intends to explore it to the fullest. Ms. Justino expanded on her train of thought as a guest on The MMA Show on ESPN earlier today

“I want to see other promoters, see how much value I have. I think it’s cool to see that before you can hear anything [about] that you don’t have value. Let’s see. Let’s see what another promoter has to say.”

The UFC does have an “exclusive negotiating window” following the expiration of her contract, but she would be a true free agent after that. She seems like she’s willing to wait that out to see her options:

“Why not?” Justino said. “The opportunity is coming, and I have the opportunity to see my value with other promoters.”

One of the other options Justino has been considering is a career in pro wrestling. Like Ronda Rousey, Cyborg is a fan of sports entertainment and was ringside at the recent inaugural All Elite Wrestling event in Las Vegas. Would she follow Rousey into the squared circle?

“It’s hard to be a pro wrestler,” Justino said. “They work very hard. They’re very athletic. Maybe. I did training before a little bit.”

UFC 240 goes down on July 27th in Edmonton. Cyborg’s fight with Spencer will serve as the co-main event of the evening.

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