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Video: Taekwondo students brawl with gym staff in Chinese shopping mall

A noise complaint sparks an all out brawl in Jiangsu province.

Taekwondo students brawl with gym trainers at a shopping mall in Jiangsu province, China. Learn in 15 Minutes/YouTube

Chaos reigned at a shopping mall in Jiangsu Province, China recently when a class of Taekwondo students threw down with a bunch of gym trainers.

Thanks to the incident occurring at such a public venue, plenty of video footage has made its way onto the internet. Footage was primarily uploaded to the Chinese social network platform Weibo, but that has since been repurposed on twitter and Youtube.

Multiple angles of the confrontation can be seen below via @McDojoLife on twitter and YouTuber Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

Video of the brawl can also be found here on TheDojo.

According to South China Morning Post the spark that ignited this viral brawl was a noise complaint. That outlet reported that the taekwondo practitioners were performing a public demonstration at the mall, hoping to attract new students. However, their routine was too noisy for some; including trainers at a gym located inside the mall.

Footage shows the noisy taekwondo demonstration followed by the gym trainers throwing punches. The footage also shows that the taekwondo demonstrators were no match for the gym trainers. A number of the traditional martial artists are shown laid out, writhing in pain, post-fisticuffs.

Traditional martial artists being brutalized in street fights is nothing new in China as of late. That country has been swept up by an MMA vs. traditional martial arts feud ever since Beijing based MMA coach and fighter Xu Xiaodong (aka ‘Mad Dog’) went viral with a beatdown of a tai chi master in 2017.

That fight happened after Xu argued on social media over the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of traditional martial arts for unarmed combat/self-defense. Since that first fight Xu has also beaten up a Wing Chun practitioner and had police break-up an attempted mass brawl between his crew of MMA fighters and a band of tai chi stylists.