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Why is DC Jonesing for a Boney Beatdown? - If I Did It

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Welcome to IF I DID IT where we analyze and solve PR kerfuffles from the MMA world (insert hand gesture) not beyond.

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Join your host, the indubitable Alexei Auld, author of “7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators”, and his guests, the great Kid Nate, Bloody Elbow General Manager and the creator of The Let it Roll Podcast, and of course rounding out the team we have the infamous Eugene S. Robinson, from, the OZY CONFIDENTIAL PODCAST and author of “Fight, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You Would Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking”; Collectively, your MMA Puncholes.

This week The Puncholes feature...

  • You’re the OOF-SEE. You weren’t willing to pay Brock Lesnar in your post-pay-per-view world. So how do you respond to an unnamed Conor Whisperer telling TMZ “He’s ready to fight now. He’s in training. Everything needs to line up correctly ... opponent, place and of course, money”, live and in public, if you will? - 1:11 video, 1:27 audio
  • You’re Daniel Cormier. After losing a Brock Lesnar pay day, why are you Jonesing….to end your career….receiving a Boney beatdown? - 5:53 video, 6:09 audio
  • You're a UFC figher. Do you think in the wake of the new ESPN disincentivized PPV model for fighters, there is matchmaking motivation for the fighters? 15:35 video, 15:48 audio
  • REGULAR FEATURE: HEEL TURN - 20:05 video, 20:22 audio
  • REGULAR FEATURE: LOST BATTALION - 24:14 video, 24:31 audio

*timestamps reflect times on both the VIDEO & AUDIO podcasts.

“We’ll be back next week with another installment of If I Did It and we don’t know what we’ll be talking about yet, because the PR mistakes have yet to be made.”

Welcome to another episode of IF THE SHOES FIT; a show where we solve salacious situations by stepping into the shoes of the shaken...the chagrined...the kerfuffed! Join along while Alexei, Eugene and Nate discuss PR issues in the non-MMA world...

Now let’s get to stepping!

  • Step into the shoes of Anita Hill. Sleepy Joe Biden’s wife Dr. Jill, said people need to just move on from her husband’s treatment of you, live and in public, if you will. Should you stay silent or take a stand? - 0:44 video, 28:52 audio
  • Step into the shoes of a Democratic Member of Congress.. Nancy Pelosi says impeaching President Trump will play into his 2020 re-election plans, but your constituents don’t care. Walk us through your political considerations. - 5:09 video, 33:15 audio
  • Step into the shoes of Black Lives Matter. In this 24 news cycle, how can you ensure that Sandra Bland’s recently released cellphone arrest footage has legs? - 12:13 video, 40:19 audio
  • REGULAR FEATURE: HEEL TURN - 18:36 video, 46:43 audio
  • REGULAR FEATURE: MISTYAF - 19:51 video, 47:57 audio

*timestamps reflect times on both the VIDEO & AUDIO podcasts.

“Until next week, no matter how tight, loose, or uncomfortable, remember these words: on this show, the shoes always fit, so we can never acquit.”

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The MMA Puncholes, Nate Wilcox, Alexei Auld, Eugene Robinson, John Nash, Stephie Haynes
The MMA Puncholes: Nate Wilcox, Alexei Auld, Eugene Robinson, John Nash, Stephie Haynes
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