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Dana White praises Donald Cerrone and ‘bad ass’ Al Iaquinta for Fight of the Night at UFC Ottawa

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Dana White was super impressed with the UFC on ESPN+ 9 main event between Donald Cerrone and Al Iaquinta.

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Donald Cerrone and Al Iaquinta put on a great show in the UFC Fight Night 151 main event this past Saturday, with both men earning a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus for their efforts.

It was Cerrone who emerged victorious, however, outclassing ‘Raging’ Al for the majority of the five-round contest. With that said, Iaquinta, a former UFC lightweight title challenger, showed tremendous heart and fought toe-to-toe with ‘Cowboy’ from the opening bell to the last. The New York real estate agent was dropped a couple of times but never showed any signs of quitting.

Cerrone’s masterclass performance and Al’s determination and grit earned the approval of UFC president Dana White, who commended both men in a recent Instagram post.

“Congrats to @cowboycerrone on the impressive win last night and MUCH respect to the incredibly TOUGH and BAD ASS @aliaquinta for an amazing fight!!!! @espnmma,” White posted shortly after the bout.

With Iaquinta ranked in the top-four heading into last Saturday’s main event, expect Cerrone to surpass the the Serra-Longo product once the UFC updates its rankings.