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Results: Vergil Ortiz scores big KO to cap off Canelo vs. Jacobs undercard

Get full results from the Canelo vs. Jacobs undercard here, capped off by a great KO win for must-watch prospect Vergil Ortiz.

Boxing: Ortiz Jr. vs Herrera Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Before Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs meet to unify their Middleweight titles, DAZN presented three prelim fights. Here are results from the card:

Vergil Ortiz., Jr. def. Mauricio Herrera, KO (Round 3, 0:29)

Vergil Ortiz quickly established himself as the faster, cleaner fighter against Mauricio Herrera. Starting in the first round, he had the veteran seemingly befuddled. Late in round 2, he threw a series of shots that put Herrera down hard in the final second of the round. Herrera made it out for round 3, but Ortiz quickly landed a clean right cross that put Herrera down and out, and that was that.

Joseph Diaz Jr. def. Freddy Fonseca, TKO (Round 7, 2:07)

Joseph Diaz Jr. came out aggressively in his fight with Freddy Fonseca. He started round 1 throwing hard shots, clearly looking for the early KO to re-establish himself as a fighter to watch. His work to the body was particularly impressive, as he dug into his hooks there, mixing them in nicely between shots upstairs. In round 6 he out together a combination that dropped Fonseca and seemed to really hurt him (including, to be fair, one to the back of his head). Fonseca made it back to his feet and through the round, but it was realistically over at that point. Two minutes into round 7, Fonseca’s corner wisely stepped up and threw in the towel, making Diaz the first man to stop him.

Lamont Roach Jr. def. Jonathan Oquendo, UD (97-92, 97-92, 96-93)

The main card opener was a match between the undefeated Lamont Roach Jr and battle-tested veteran Jonathan Oquendo. And it was a tough, back and forth battle. Both men landed some good shots, including at one point a very good body shot from Oquendo that staggered Roach. But neither was able to really impose his will and make a particularly strong case for the win. Some controversy came in round 8 when Oquendo lost a point for headbutts, though the deduction seemed possibly premature. In the end, that didn’t matter, as Roach earned the win and stayed undefeated.