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UFC Ottawa video: Donald Cerrone busts up Al Iaquinta on the feet in main event

Check out the full-fight video highlights of Donald Cerrone vs. Al Iaquinta from the UFC Ottawa main event.

The UFC Ottawa main event involved Donald Cerrone out-classing the promotion’s #4 ranked lightweight Al Iaquinta on the feet for the majority of five rounds. Cerrone started to pick apart his foe with his jabs and leg kicks, and never really let up. He came up with a big knockdown in the third round, dropping Iaquinta with a jab. Come round four, Cerrone dropped his opponent with an up-kick. This was the Donald Cerrone show. He even went hard trying to get a late finish in the fifth.

Check out our play-by-play of Donald Cerrone’s incredible fourth round against Al Iaquinta .

Jab to head kick misses for Iaquinta. Upkick drops Iaquinta!!!!! Cerrone pounces. Iaquinta is back up. Leg kick for Cerrone. Left hook to the body for Iaquinta but a left hook to the head scores for Cerrone. Jab hits for Cerrone. Iaquinta blocks a head kick. Left hook lands upstairs for Iaquinta. Inside leg kick then a body kick for Cerrone. Iaquinta blocks another head kick and lands a left hook. Left hook to left uppercut scores for Cerrone. Another flurry for Cerrone. Left body hook lands to the midsection of Cerrone. Another multi-punch flurry from Cerrone backs up Iaquinta. Cerrone stuffs a takedown attempt.

10-9 Cerrone