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Videos: Raymond Daniels, Fabian Edwards score spectacular KOs, Brent Primus wins by gogoplata

Bellator Birmingham had some truly unique finishes on Saturday.

Bellator MMA screenshot

Bellator MMA’s European series included a trip to Birmingham, England on Saturday, and it delivered in a big way.

The most spectacular finish came via Bellator Kickboxing welterweight champion Raymond Daniels, who caught Wilker Barros with a devastating right hand after going for a spin. Barros was melted and Daniels notched his first victory in professional MMA.

But that’s not all! Fabian Edwards, the brother of UFC welterweight contender Leon Edwards, was able to KO Falco Neto with a couple of upkicks before leaping to his feet to finish him on the feet. Now that’s a creative way to stop your opponent.

(Skip to about 3:45 for the finish)

There was also the matter of the main event. Former Bellator MMA lightweight champion Brent Primus wants a trilogy with Michael Chandler, and he pulled off a quick first-round gogoplata of Tim Wilde.

Not a bad night’s worth of entertainment if you bought a ticket to attend Bellator Birmingham.